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豆豆八色 招き猫 8 colored miniature lucky cats




木製の猫の中に1cmほどの豆人形の招き猫8個が入っています。 招き猫の色の意味はこちら。 白は開運招福、黒は厄除け、赤は無病息災、黄は金運上昇、桃は恋愛成就、青は学業成就もしくは交通安全、緑は家内安全、紫は健康長寿。 10個に1個の割合で金もしくは銀の招き猫入り。 金は財運出世、銀は満願成就。 There are" lucky cat” miniature dolls in a small wooden cat. Miniature doll is made of clay. Here is the meaning of the color of the lucky cat. White is good fortune, black is calamity prevention, red is good health, yellow is economic fortune, pink is fulfillment in love, blue is academic achievement or traffic safety, green is family safety, purple is longevity and prosperity. One in 10 pieces contains a gold or silver lucky cat. Gold is a economic success, and silver is wish fulfillment. Size: 5×5×7cm (body) 1cm (Small clay doll) Material: wood, pottery Country of origin:Japan 彩色は手作業でされています。商品ごとに顔の表情など多少変わりますことあらかじめご了承ください。なお白木の形も多少変わります。 Coloring has been manually. Please note that will change somewhat, such as facial expressions for each product. MFS-2